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A view of the Roblox Logo.


The Yard is a location in Jailbreak that is located in the prison. It contains a large variety of objects, although most of them are just props. However, the trampoline and treadmill are both somewhat intractable. During the middle of the day and cell time, the yard can become pretty crowded.

It is speculated that in the future, you may be able to work out in the yard, and also gain extra health that can be used when fighting off/taking shots from Police, as the idea has been on their Trello for quite some time now.


  • The Roblox Logo that is part of the Yard is made out of concrete.
  • When a new update comes out (like the Winter Update), the yard can change colours, depending on the season.
  • The Yard is one of the first few Locations in Jailbreak.
  • This is one of the most common locations in the prison for a criminal helicopter to come to and pick up any prisoners to escape. Most of the time, they can be found landing directly on the Roblox logo; however, they tend to never stay for long, as they do not want to get caught by a Police Officer.
  • As of a 1B Visits Update, the small soccer ball Easter Egg spawns in the middle of the Roblox logo.
  • The trampoline launches you upward but it sometimes lags and launches you very high causing you to ragdoll when you touch back down.