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The Winter Update’s thumbnail.

The Winter Update is one of the many updates that has been released in Jailbreak. This is the largest update in Jailbreak history (currently). This update has added a lot of features that changed the game in a lot of ways.

Features Added

This update introduced:

  • 3 vehicles (the Volt Bike, the McLaren, and the ATV).
  • A new safe (the Vault [Tier #6]), with rare Garage items that can’t be bought with in-game cash.
  • A new snow and winter-themed map, along with snow weather.
  • A new robbable location (the Train).
  • A refreshed bank, with new laser layouts.
  • A new kicking system for VIP Server owners.
  • Several bug and glitch patches.
  • Other small additions.



The McLaren is a supercar that costs $300,000. It has a low top speed for its price, but good acceleration and handing. However, many people criticise the vehicle because of the fact that both the Lamborghini and the Ferrari beats the McLaren in top speed. It spawns along the road to the Museum where many people pass by, but its spawn is still relatively remote.

Volt Bike

This vehicle has been the most hyped vehicle in the update. This has an extremely good top speed with great acceleration and handling. This vehicle was proven to be very glitchy when first released. This vehicle costs $1,000,000. It is the second fastest vehicle in the game, only losing to the Bugatti. It spawns in the 1M Dealership.


This was the first vehicle to be leaked by the developers. This vehicle has a decent top speed with decent acceleration and incredible handling. This vehicle costs $50,000. However, to some people, the ATV will bounce around and glitch when they ride it, making it one of the most glitchy vehicles in Jailbreak.


Vault Safe

This has been an large "improvement" to the safes in general. This one includes items that aren't obtainable in the garage but only exclusive to this safe. Overtime, there had been added more rims but most of them are limited edition. This is the most expensive safe (currently). This safe costs $30,000.


There were 6 textures added in this update. Some of them were even in the new Vault safe. All the new textures in this update are:

  • Ladybug
  • Frit
  • Police
  • Paint
  • Speed (obtainable through the new Vault {Tier #6} safe)
  • Volt (obtainable through the new Vault {Tier #6} safe)


All of the rims in this update were only available in the new Vault Safe. All of the new rims in this update are:

  • Spike Rim (obtainable through the new Vault {Tier #6} safe)
  • Snowflake Rim (Limited Edition, obtainable through the new Vault {Tier #6} safe, no longer obtainable as of the Rocket Fuel Update)


All of the colors in this update were available only through the new Vault Safe and all of them are for the Window, Body, and Wheel, but not for spoilers or headlights. All of the new colors in this update are:

  • Hot Orange
  • Lime Green
  • Deep Purple


Most of the people were really hyped about this feature. Most people had made theories that trains are coming in this update. This is obviously the biggest feature to come in this update. The trains were impossible to rob in an public server because they will fling you over and over and eventually killing you. The main reason the train is so "broken" is because Roblox’s physics weren’t updated enough to support it.

For more information about the train, click here.

Minor Additions

  • A new location: the Train Station 2. This is also where the ATV spawns at.
  • If you are a police officer, you can add sirens to most cars by entering it, and the sirens will always stay on that car, even if criminals enter it. There are some cars that cannot have sirens on top of them.
  • More apartment furniture.
  • Another seat on the Dirtbike.
  • Removed the cinematic camera feature for VIP server owners.
  • Icebergs in the River along with the Flag Easter Egg.
  • A new kicking system for VIP server owners in VIP servers.
  • More glitch patches.
  • A redesigned Bank. Includes a harder laser obstacle course, and water was added to the obstacle course.
  • New prices for the safes.
  • The safe icon on the left side of your screen now has a Vault safe as the icon instead of a Common safe.
  • The sandcastle easter egg in the desert turned into a snowcastle.


  • The money for the train was originally $500 for players without any gamepasses, making the people with no gamepasses criticize the train. Eventually, the creators buffed it to $1,500.
  • In this updates thumbnail, the McLaren was referenced to as the "RoClaren".
  • This was the largest update in Jailbreak history (currently).
  • This update was originally planned for release in late November 2017, but was delayed due to too little time to develop.