Weapons are one of the primary aspects of Jailbreak. Weapons are used primarily by criminals to kill police when they are trying to arrest them. Police can also use them to kill and slow down criminals so that they can be arrested easier. They can be found in both criminal bases and both Police Stations. They can also be obtained by pickpocketing the police, but is risky, as you have a very high chance of getting arrested. Pressing "Q" will make a zooming in animation, if you're holding a weapon that is not a rocket launcher or a grenade. All weapons besides explosives can ricochet their bullets, sometimes multiple times, when fired upon a wall or obstacle. The bullet will stop after a set of ricochets. Bullets will also make a metallic sound when fired upon a metal object or obstacle.



The default weapon every police Officer gets when they spawn into the game. It spawns in both the Criminal Bases and in both the Police stations. It does considerably high damage per shot, compared to the other weapons, around 16% of a player's total health. Each pistol magazine holds 8 bullets and the reload time is fairly short, taking about three or four seconds to complete the loop. It has high accuracy, and is therefore used to damage off most of a player's health from afar, and finishing off the little remains in a medium distance by a shotgun. It is the only free weapon in Jailbreak.

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A powerful automatic gun that can be found in both Police Station armories. (Requires a SWAT/BOSS Gamepass for use). The gun holds 20 bullets per magazine, and does 5 damage per bullet, meaning it can kill a full-health player in with 1 magazine. It also has a very unusual high of accuracy for a M4A1. The M4A1 is considered the best gun so far, for its overall damage, fire rate, and accuracy.

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The Shotgun can be obtained from a police station or a Criminal Base. It is estimated to be the 2nd most common weapon in the game. It is preferably the best gun for the risky close-quarters battles, as it’s bullets spread out as they go farther from the gun, some of them completely missing the target. It costs 1k ($1000) from the gun shops to use.

AK 47

The AK-47 spawns in Gun Shop 1 and Gun Shop 2. This gun deals good damage with its 30 bullet magazine, but still not as good as the M4A1 (SWAT Rifle). This is a good weapon to use if you do not have the BOSS/SWAT Gamepass due to its amazing accuracy, fast fire rate, and range. This gun has the 2nd best accuracy, only behind the pistol. The AK-47 is easy to kill with if you have very good aim. It used to be heavily criticized by Jailbreak players due to a full magazine doing only 50% damage to a player if all bullets hit, but the gun received a major damage boost in the Weapons/Items Update and can now kill a player much easier.

Rocket Launcher template
Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher is a weapon added in the Weapons/Items Update. They are similar to the BlackHawk missiles, but they are portable and more expensive. The BlackHawk missiles are $5,000 for 10 missiles, while the rockets are $10,000 for 10 missiles. At point-blank range, they do 53 damage (if the rocket lands right on the player). Unlike the Grenades, they do not do friendly damage. Before a patch update, rockets for the Rocket Launcher costed $15,000 for 10 rockets. This action received a negative input from the community, so Badimo reduced it to $10,000 for the same amount of rockets.

Grenade template

The Grenade is a small weapon, typically thrown by hand, rather than explosive that you can throw. Unlike most weapons, Grenades have friendly damage, like missiles on the BlackHawk. This weapon does up to 75 damage, as the damage depends how far the target(s) is/are from the explosion. When equipped, all you have to do is click/tap the screen to throw one. Grenades take about 2-3 seconds to blow up. When thrown, the pin will fall off and despawn shortly afterwards. It cost $10,000 for 5 grenades. You’ll have to go to a Gun Shop to buy grenades every time you run out of them.