The Visitors Building is a red and minor building in Jailbreak. It is located inside the prison. Many prisoners use this route to escape, and due to its lack of importance, it is rarely guarded by the police. Sometimes, however, you may see people who are serious about this game utilizing this building to "plan" escapes and whatnot.


The Visitor's Building is a one-story small building located next to the main Police Station. It's exterior walls consist of a white base with red lines circling around the entire building. It has a pair of metal double doors at the front and back of the building and two other singular doors that lead to the front and side of the building, all of which can only be opened with a key card. The building has five large bulletproof windows; three that overlook the prison courtyard, one that overlooks the parking lot and one that overlooks a small road located near the side of the building. Inside the building has a modern red design applied to the interior walls and floor and is furnished with a reception, 11 wooden chairs, two tables, five trash cans and three vending machines. It also has six, long black electrical lights that hang from the ceiling. In the front of the visitors building, there's an indent, but otherwise normal walls.

Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 7.46.46 AM

The interior of the Visitors Building.


  • The Visitors Building has not been edited in any way since the release of Jailbreak.
  • This location is only in the game for realism.
  • In the past, criminals used to be able to get inside through the Prison parking lot without a keycard, but in a later update only cops and criminals or prisoners with a keycard can get inside this place.
  • This place has the main job of letting prisoners sneak out without cops knowing.