The vehicles are one of the biggest aspects in the world of Jailbreak. They help you get around the Jailbreak map quickly and help you escape from the prison (if you're a criminal) or help you chase criminals (if you're on the police team). There are currently 21 vehicles in the game. Eight of them are very expensive - the Lamborghini, the McLaren, the Ferrari, the Bugatti, the Volt Bike, the UFO, Monster Truck, and the BlackHawk (Military Helicopter), ranking from $100,000 to $1,000,000 in-game cash. Also, some vehicles are open, and therefore people can be shot a lot easier from all directions; but a common misconception is that closed vehicles prevent the person inside from being shot. You can shoot someone inside a car from their side window they are closest to and from the roof.


Currently, there are 15 cars [Excluding the Dirtbike, the Volt Bike, The Quad Bike/ATV, the UFO, and two helicopters (with the ability to drop ropes)], in the game, so there's lots of variety, and plenty of vehicles to choose from.

Two of the vehicles in Jailbreak are free to use: the Helicopter and the Camaro. All of the other cars (besides the SWAT Van) can be purchased with in-game currency. The SWAT Van requires the SWAT Gamepass (R$ 300).

Land and aerial vehicles have their own way's to get stopped. Tire popping is used for land vehicles and aerial vehicle shooting is used for aerial vehicles.

They require a one-time payment, so if you join another server, your vehicle will be saved.

Vehicle Description Price Speed
Camaro Very common vehicle; spawns with a yellowish-orange, grey, or blue color. It is a two-seater vehicle, found at both Criminal bases, both Police Stations, and next to the prison. Free Very slow speed, average acceleration
Helicopter The helicopter is a fast vehicle, the hardest to catch no matter what vehicle you're on, and can go anywhere; making it a very useful vehicle. This makes it highly valuable, especially because it's free. It can have a risk of being taken by someone else, especially as a police officer, so it is recommended that if/once you obtain one, you should lock the vehicle. Any type of gunfire can shoot the helicopter down. Spawns at the roofs of the Police Station 1 and the Police Station 2. Free Fast, slow acceleration
Pickup Truck A vehicle faster than the Camaro. This four-seater truck spawns at the small gas station with functioning doors. People seated on the back can wield guns and other gear. $9,000 Slow to medium (depends on engine level) speed, slow acceleration
Model3 (Tesla) This vehicle is based on the Tesla Model 3 car. It spawns at the car park near the bank and spawns next to the train tunnel parking lot. Spawns with a yellowish-orange, grey, or blue color. It's a four-seater vehicle. The vehicle has decent acceleration and short braking. $16,000 Slow to fast (depends on engine level) speed, medium acceleration
Mini-Cooper The Mini-Cooper is a small, two-seater hatchback that spawns in the neighborhood near the donut store. Very maneuverable. $25,000 Slow speed, highest acceleration in the game
Dirtbike Can be glitchy for some players. Off-roading advantage, good handling, and great get-away. $35,000 Very slow speed, high acceleration
SUV This four-seat vehicle is the first of it's kind in the game - a proper SUV. Not only was this the first vehicle to be leaked as a part of the One Billion Update, but it was also one of the most hyped up features of the update. There is still controversy surrounding it's speed, though. $40,000 Slow-medium speed, average acceleration
Dune Buggy The Dune Buggy is a fast car that's found near the sand dunes by the rock arch. The player sitting on the back can use guns and other equipment. Not recommended, since the vehicle glitches a lot. $45,000 Medium speed, fast acceleration
ATV The ATV is a very convenient vehicle that spawns at the 2nd Train Station. Though it is relatively slow, it still comes in handy for escaping cops or getting to other locations once you get done robbing the Train. This vehicle was the first one to be leaked from the developers. May be extremely glitchy for players. $50,000 Slow to medium speed (depends on engine level), average acceleration
Mustang The Mustang has two seats, and spawns by the shooting range. $50,000 Medium speed, slow acceleration
Classic Car The Classic Car is a vehicle that was added in the Museum Update on June 26th, 2018. This ”classy” car can be found right at the Museum, on a stand. It has good acceleration, but it's not very fast. $50,000 Slow to medium speed, medium acceleration
Porsche The Porsche is a convertible car that spawns at the Museum by the city. Players on the passenger seat can wield guns. $70,000 Fast speed, high acceleration
Ambulance The Ambulance was added on 11/8/18 on the 2 BILLION visits update! It has a unique ability, where if you go to the back of the car, and get in the stretcher, you will earn 10 health a second! $90,000 Mediocre speed, bad handling
Lamborghini Is one of the supercars (and the first supercar) in Jailbreak. Can be found at second criminal base and right in front of the Bank. $100,000 Very fast speed, slow acceleration
Ferrari Is one of the supercars in Jailbreak. A rather fast vehicle. It can be found near the waterfall, but glitches sometimes. Very good with a level 5 engine. $200,000 Very fast speed, high acceleration
RoClaren/McLaren The McLaren was the second vehicle to be leaked as a part of the Winter Update, but when it made its debut in the update it was heavily criticized for its relatively slow speed for being a supercar and costing more than the Lamborghini. $300,000 Very fast, good acceleration
Bugatti Is one of the supercars in Jailbreak. The Bugatti is the fastest vehicle in the game. This vehicle is on the side of the Jewelry Store. It's rumored that it has no speed limit, but this rumor has been proven false. $500,000 Fastest, good acceleration
UFO This is a vehicle that added along with aliens in the Alien Update. It is one of the three flying vehicles in the game, but with a high price, it is much easier to obtain the Helicopter than this vehicle. It is located inside the Meteor. $500,000 Fast speed, very high acceleration
Monster Truck Essentially a leviathan pickup. Can drive very well on off-terrain. Currently, this vehicle is the most expensive vehicle in-game (along with the Blackhawk and Volt Bike); It can be found at the 1M Dealership. The truck has six seats. $1,000,000 Fast speed, very slow acceleration
Volt Bike The Volt Bike or the Tron Bike is the second fastest vehicle in the game. Faster than all other vehicles except the Bugatti; not only does it have amazing acceleration, but it also has an outstanding top speed. Its hefty price seems to be worth it. This vehicle was the 3rd and final vehicle to be leaked in the winter update. $1,000,000 Very fast speed, and fast acceleration.
BlackHawk The BlackHawk is a vehicle that came along with the 1 year anniversary update, for sale in the 1M Dealership. This vehicle comes standardized with a unique missile feature that allows the helicopter to fire a maximum of 10 rounds at targets; whether it be hostile criminals, hostile prisoners, or justifying police. $1,000,000 Fast speed, good acceleration
SWAT Van The SWAT Van is a vehicle with functional lights. It can seat 4 players, one being on the top, and one being in the rear. Both the player on the top and rear can equip items and weapons. Like the Pickup Truck, it tips over often. SWAT Gamepass (R$ 300) Fast speed, slow acceleration
Wraith This vehicle was added in the Weapons/Items Update. This vehicle is the second vehicle to cost Robux, right after the SWAT Van. The Rolls Royce Wraith spawns by the Camaro in the City Criminal Base and in the Mountain Criminal Base, straight across from the Camaro. BOSS Gamepass (R$ 300) Medium speed, medium acceleration

Vehicle Specialties

  • The Camaro is free and can be found almost everywhere, but it's almost the slowest car in Jailbreak.
  • Have a need for speed? Save up for the Bugatti or the Volt Bike.
  • Need a very fast vehicle, but is not as expensive as the Bugatti? Save up for the Ferrari.
  • The Ferrari has one of the fastest accelerations in the game! If you want to outrun cops but don't have enough for the Bugatti, this is the car you need.
  • If you want a fast car but not too expensive, go for the Lamborghini.
  • Need to haul a whole gang around? Go for the Pickup Truck, Model3, SWAT Van, BlackHawk, or a Monster Truck. You can also use a Helicopter for free, but it needs hijacking if you are a prisoner or criminal.
  • With a Level 5 engine, the Tesla is still slower but around the same speed as a Lamborghini.
  • Want to juke police or be hard to catch? Try the Dirtbike, Dune Buggy, or the Volt Bike.
  • If you like paying for convenience, the ATV may be the vehicle for you! Careful though, this is yet another open vehicle, so you can be shot at directly with no protection and shielding. Also this vehicle is very glitchy on most devices.
  • If you like looking sharp in vehicles, we personally recommend purchasing the McLaren/RoClaren, Classic Car and/or Mustang.
  • Want something futuristic and sleek? If so, purchase the Volt Bike and/or UFO.
  • The McLaren, the Model3, the Volt Bike, the Porsche, and the Mini-Cooper are very reliable vehicles.
  • The Volt Bike isn’t the fastest vehicle in Jailbreak, in fact being beaten by a stock Bugatti long distance racing. It is also able to stop very quickly.
  • The Monster Truck is very fast when off-roading, and also seats 6 players.
  • The Ambulance has a special feature that allows you to heal 10 health per second, which can be very helpful alternative if you do not have a donut in hand.

Vehicle Customization

All the vehicles can be customized in the two garages, which can be found near the town and near the city. The other way is to buy the Mobile Garage Gamepass to customize your vehicle anywhere on the map. Customising your vehicle is one good way to attract, or show off your vehicle from the rest.


  • Drivers and passengers can be shot in any vehicle even when it's locked. Though hooded vehicles make the driver (and passengers) harder to kill.
  • When in the water, all vehicles will slow down slightly, though this is slightly unnoticed.
  • Although the Mini-Cooper has four windows, it only has two seats, unlike the Model3, which also has 4 windows but has 4 seats.
  • Although the SWAT van has six windows, only four people can fit inside, with two on the top and rear.
  • If you are a cop, you can eject the driver of a criminal car by pressing E on their vehicle with handcuffs equipped. On the other hand, if you're the driver, you can eject anyone that's sitting in your vehicle by clicking their name in the bottom right corner, right above the lock button.
  • You can keep other players from entering your vehicle by clicking the white button that says "Lock" in the bottom-right corner. You can unlock by pressing it again.
  • Your vehicle will immediately unlock if you (attempt to) enter another vehicle even owner lock it or you not owned it.
  • The current total cost of all the vehicles in Jailbreak in in-game currency and Robux is $4,990,000 and R$600.
  • Driving a vehicle on old devices has a higher chance to glitch-while-driving.
  • As of the 7/6/18 every vehicle can't be locked near other vehicle's spawn.
  • Some vehicles will always spawn in same color, such as the BlackHawk.
  • When the game was first released, vehicles were limited to only the Model3, Camaro and Helicopter.
  • To this day, the Camaro is the most common vehicle to see in Jailbreak, customized or not. Mainly because it’s free and many new players drive it. The Camaro also has many convenient spawns places around the map
  • Non-customized vehicles come in the colorsof grey, yellow, and (rarely) blue; with the exception of the Monster Truck, the BlackHawk, the SWAT Van, the Camaros and SUVs inside the Prison praking lot, UFO, and the Helicopter, which spawn in only one color. Non-customized vehicles also come with yellow headlights (white headlights for the Helicopter and UFO) and black windows and wheel colors (blue for the Helicopter and UFO, yellow for the BlackHawk), although they can be customized.