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An example of a Camaro’s tires after being popped.

Tire popping is a very useful feature in Jailbreak as a cop, or a Criminal. To pop a vehicle's tires, you need to shoot any gun of your choice at a player's vehicle (anywhere on the vehicle works, not just the wheels and tires). Tires will be popped for a couple of seconds before they regenerate. By popping the tire, the car keeps moving, but at a slower pace. If the vehicle was popped when it was stationary, then it will not move until the tires regenerate (unless using Rocket Fuel). Tire Popping is mainly used by players in order to either catch criminals or to prevent police from driving away. The counterpart to tire popping is for aerial vehicles, that would be aerial vehicle shooting. The shotgun used to pop the tires with one shot. But Badimo in the Fall Update of 2018 made it so it takes more shots to pop tires.


  • Tire popping was added along side the Dune Buggy and the Donut Shop.
  • Many people say that tire popping is too overpowered, but asimo3089 claims that it just slows down a vehicle, not forcing a vehicle to a complete stop instantly.
  • When asimo3089 and badcc added tire popping, it didn't function well. In the Aerial Vehicle Shooting Update, it was completely fixed, although it took a long time before it was fixed.
  • The Volt Bike's tires are actually able to be popped, even though there's no tires on the vehicle. This can be hard to pull off, though, due to the Volt Bike's incredible speed & braking, and small tire hitbox.
  • When tire popping was added, the Model3 would glitch out of or across the map when its tires were popped. This was fixed in a later update.
  • When a vehicle's tires are popped, the vehicle will make a small popping noise.
  • You can hit anywhere on a vehicle to pop a tire.
  • When your tires are popped, the rubber goes away, but returns a few seconds later.
  • Tire popping will not function if there is no one driving in the car.
  • A pistol is recommended for this, as it has just enough bullets in one round to pop tires quick and easy.
  • There is currently a glitch going around that automatically pops a vehicle's tires regardless if anyone is shooting at it or not.
  • There is a glitch where if someone shoots your tires, you can just jump out the vehicle and go back in and then the tires regenerate instantly. The tires are still popped but the rubber part is back.
  • You can remove the rims on any ground vehicle by using the Mobile Garage while the tires are shot out.