The Taser is a powerful ranged weapon that holds one electrical charge, which can completely stun/ragdoll a hostile Prisoner or Criminal on contact from a distance, allowing Police to close in for the arrest. A successful hit will ragdoll the victim/target for around 5 seconds, sometimes longer, then taking approximately 3 seconds to get up; effectively immobilizing the victim for ~7 seconds or longer. However, the reload time is rather long (8 seconds). Accuracy is top-tier, making up for the lengthy reload time.


This weapon is automatically placed in a police officer's inventory. Previously, prisoners and criminals could obtain a Taser by placing a one in a Bed Drawer as a police officer, and then switching teams to become a prisoner, then picking up the Taser from the Drawer, yet when doing this the criminal could not use the taser on other criminals.


  • This item is often used to see if a prisoner is innocent or not, as the player will ragdoll if hostile.
  • The Taser is based off the Laser Electrocuter gear item in the Roblox Catalog, which used to have the name "Taser," just like in Jailbreak,
    Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 12.38.16 AM

    A police officer holding a Taser.

  • Its one of the only two items that are exclusive to the Police, the other being handcuffs.
  • Avoiding the Taser can be significantly increased if the criminal/prisoner jumps and moves in different directions at random intervals, making the aim for the officer much more difficult.
  • There's a glitch at times where the prisoner can spawn in with the Taser and handcuffs.
    • But they serve no purpose as they cannot taze nor arrest any players.
    • Criminals/Prisoners can still obtain this item if a policeman placed the item into a bed drawer.
  • The Taser will make a victim arrest-able if the player is sitting in a chair (glitch where if a player sits down, police cannot use handcuffs to arrest them).
  • It does not work if the player is inside of a vehicle that conceals their body.
  • This is arguably the most hated weapon by criminals and prisoners.
  • It can be hard to use the Taser when the target is jumping/moving frantically.
  • It's easier to use the Taser when you are in third person.