The Jailbreak Wikia Staff Team are special members of the community that have helped contribute to the better future of the this Wikia. If you follow the rules and are good to them you will be on good terms with them too. Simple, isn't it? All staff members will have a minimum of a tag & a colored name depending on the role given. Bureaucrats and and the founder will have a glowing name and colored blockquotes, though they can request it to be removed.

Staff Roles

Bureaucrats & Founders

These are the People that keep Administrators and Moderators in check. These people are also the one's who founded this Wikia, or religiously contributed to it, and helped shape it to what it is today. Unfortunately, you can't apply for this role, unless decided by another bureaucrat or the founder (if one is eligible).


Current Bureaucrats:

Administrators/Head Moderators

These are People that have the role of keeping the Moderators/Wiki in check. They also have the responsibilities of a Moderator, but possess powers Moderators do not. Admins will have a red "administrator" tag and a orange name.

Current Administrators:


These are People who have the responsibility of keeping the Jailbreak Wiki under Moderation so that no one will ruin the experience for everybody. Moderators will receive a "content, discussion & chat moderator role. Mods will have a cyan "moderator" tag and name.

Current Moderators: