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An example of a criminal robbing the Gas Station.

Robbing is the primary method of earning cash in Jailbreak as a criminal, as well as being the most reliable method of earning cash in the game, aside from arresting people.

Robbing the Bank
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A police officer who has managed to fit his Volt Bike inside the basement of the bank to help him bust a robbery.

Places to Rob

There currently are 6 places to rob in Jailbreak, and there are more to come.

Possible Future Places To Rob

Gun Shop 1 & 2

In the future, you may be able to rob these locations for money instead of a gun.

1M Dealership

Could be very hard to rob, but could give you boatloads of money.

Houses In The Town

The houses in the Town might be able to be robbed in the future. Many have been requesting this for a while.

Train Station 1

You could rob this place for cash.

Fire Station

You could steal firefighter-related items from here.

Gas Station 2

Maybe you can rob cash on this location, similar to the other Gas Station

Bank 2

Same robbing rules as Bank 1, but this is another bank location.

Confirmed Future Places To Rob

There are no confirmed future places to rob at this time.

Chat Notifications

  • Police will receive notification when someone starts a robbery at bottom right screen and it will say “[Location] [Criminal Username] started a robbery."
  • The only exception to the above rule is the Museum. If a criminal runs into a laser, Police will receive a notification saying: Museum [Criminal Username] set off the alarms.
  • If you enter the Bank or punch a jewelry case in the Jewelry Store, the robbery will start and a notification will say "[Location] You started a robbery". (That excludes the gas station and the donut shop)
  • If criminal robbed a location successfully it would say in chat in yellow text "[Server] [Player Username (Usernames if a robbery had multiple people on it] just robbed a [Location] for [Cash]".
  • If a police officer busts a Bank robbery it would say in the chat "[user(s)] got busted in a bank robbery."


  • There aren't any successful robbery chat notifications for the Donut Shop and Gas Station.
  • If you don't receive money from the Donut Shop or Gas Station, it will say "[Location] I don't have any money! Don't come back later".
  • When the Gas Station and Donut Shop came out, asimo3089 and badcc were not at the cash register, but in a later update, both were at a cash register.
  • The most recent location to rob is the Museum (currently).
  • The Museum also gives you the most cash out of any place to rob (currently).
  • Criminals who own the BOSS Gamepass get notified when robbery location opens up. This excludes the Gas Station and Donut Shop.
  • If multiple people rob the Jewelry Store, it will say they successfully robbed it in separate messages; as opposed to the Bank, which is just says it in one message.