The Porsche is the 9th fastest vehicle in Jailbreak and it is a sports car. It holds up to 2 people, and the player in the passenger seat can shoot weapons while in the car. Players had thought this was one of the fastest vehicles in-game, but is actually slower than the Model3, and Dune Buggy most of which costs less than the Porsche. It isn't very easy to find, as it spawns in the Museum parking lot. This can be an easy getaway car, since it spawns right in front of the Museum. It is the first convertible to be in Jailbreak.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easily affordable. Takes awhile to get to the Porsche’s spawn, unless using an aerial vehicle.
Passengers can use any weapons and items. Bad off-roading due to the Porsche being a pretty low car.
Above-average acceleration. Players riding this car are exposed to gunfire.
High performance to cost ratio, with nice acceleration at only 70K.
Small so it's hard to be shot by cops.
Easily fits through alleyways.
Conveniently placed in front of the Museum for a easy getaway.



  • This was the fifth car added to the game.
  • The Porsche is based on the 2010 Porsche 918 Spyder Concept Study.
  • On mobile devices, the Porsche usually bounces around due to lag, like the Mustang, the Ferrari, the Model3, and others.
    • To prevent bouncing, wait about 10-20 seconds after it spawns.
  • This used to spawn near the waterfall in addition to the current Radio Tower spawn, but the waterfall spawn was replaced by the Ferrari.
  • The developers said that the Porsche was going to be faster than most cars but it is proven the Dune Buggy can beat it.