Police Attire are the clothes that Police can wear in Jailbreak. You do not have to wear it to be on the Police team. They are on the left hand side of the Police Armory.


The Police Attire can be worn by only the Police team. Police are not forced to wear the Police Attire unlike prisoners being forced to wear their prison jumpsuit. The Police Attire consists of a police uniform, gray sweatpants with black leather shoes, and a police hat which unfortunately overlaps over most hair if worn. Police rarely put on the Police Attire as it reveals that a cop is on the police team but new inexperienced Jailbreak players that don't have the most stylish default clothing.


  • Many Jailbreak police officers don't put the police attire because it reveals that they are a police officer to criminals.
  • The police attire can be removed at the rack inside the criminal bases like the prison jumpsuit, however the hat stays (same as SWAT Attire).
  • The police attire consists of 3 units, a shirt, pants, and a police hat.
  • The police hat is an offsale item called "ROBLOX Classic Police Cap". It can be found here.