The Mustang is a muscle car, in fact, the second muscle car in Jailbreak. It is based off on the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Despite being a muscle car, the Shelby Mustang has the same engine sound as the Camaro. The Mustang spawns right on the corner of the Shooting Range, on the left when leaving the tunnel by the Prison. This car came out alongside the Ferrari and the Monster Truck in the September 30th Update. This car costs $50,000 to purchase. It is advised to get the Level 5 engine in the Garage for the said price before you buy this vehicle. The Mustang currently has medium speed, mediocre acceleration, and great handling.

Advantages Disadvantages
Speed dramatically increases with Rocket Fuel, going to the same speed as a Lamborghini at maximum speed with Rocket Fuel. When off-roading, the handling becomes very bad.
Faster than the Camaro, Pickup Truck, and SUV. Slower than the Monster Truck.
Good handling. Only has 2 seats, passenger and driver.
Best brakes in the game.
Somewhat cheap.



  • Textures appear to be upside down on the Mustang.
  • Some people can't edit their skins on the Mustang.
  • Like the Ferrari and Model3(Tesla), it bounces around when you try to drive it on a laggy server or poor device.
  • This vehicle is rarely seen used by players.
  • This is the longest known car in Jailbreak.