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The exterior of the Museum Gate Control Booth.

The Museum Gate Control Booth is a rather small location in Jailbreak. While not being very useful, this small building helps to fill up the world of Jailbreak. Lots of people enter to go to the Museum on the left side of this, (Assuming you are on the other side) and most likely rob it. The Museum Gate Control Booth actually used to have detail inside, but now it is, for the most part, empty. Sometimes, police tend to camp the museum, and if you have a keycard you can hide from them. This actually makes a pretty good hiding spot from them. Cops can also hide in here, giving criminals and little surprise attack if one comes in!


While most players see this as a simple building with no reason to be there, it has a few small purposes to be that are worth it. Sometimes, (mentioned above) cops can camp around the Museum, leaving you with nowhere to go. This place serves as a pretty good hiding spot, if you have a keycard. Also, like said above; cops can hide in here and wait for an unlucky criminal to come in. The third thing the Museum Gate Control Booth has is to be a simple, small building to help make the world of Jailbreak seem more full, similar to the Fire Station.

While some people think you need someone to be in there to lift the gate up for you, the gate does not actually move, so you have to go around it, if you want to get to the parking lot of the Museum.


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The interior of the Museum Gate Control Booth.

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 11.51.51 PM

The gate, connected to the Museum Gate Control Booth.

  • Before the Hypno Rims Mini-Update, the Museum Gate Control Booth used to be a small building that was inaccessible. It was also a slightly different color with no doors or windows.
  • Also, before the Hypno Rims Mini-Update; there wasn’t a small gate next to the Museum Gate Control Booth.
  • Before, you couldn't go inside the booth, but in a later update, you can now go inside with a keycard.
  • There used to be a button inside the booth referring to it lifting the gate up, but in a later update it was removed. When you try to press it, it did nothing.
  • There used to be grey shelves on both sides of the interior, but it was removed in a later update.
  • This makes for a good hiding spot for criminals and a great place for a camping cop surprise attack.
  • The gate outside the booth does not go up or down, as it is purely just for looks. It does sometimes annoy players since it blocks some of the entrance and they might drive into it.
  • This is one of the "smallest" locations in Jailbreak.