The Monster Truck is a truck that got added in the September 30th Update. This vehicle spawns at the 1M Dealership, the building located between the Donut Shop and Garage 2 in the Town. It is the largest ground vehicle in Jailbreak and costs $1,000,000 in-game currency, making it one of the 3 most expensive vehicles in the game alongside the Volt Bike and BlackHawk. This vehicle comes with the dollar sign rims, meaning if you purchase the Monster Truck, you get the dollar sign rims as well. Many people criticize this as being a very slow vehicle and they are correct. It a has capacity of seating 6 people, only losing to the BlackHawk. The Monster Truck is also the first $1M vehicle to be put in the game

Advantages Disadvantages
Has the second-highest seating capacity in the game (seating 6), only losing to the BlackHawk (seating 8). Sometimes glitches.
Can run over all vehicles excluding Pickup Trucks, Helicopters, SWAT Vans, and other Monster Trucks. Extremely expensive, the same price as the Volt Bike and BlackHawk.
Has the best off-roading in the game, edging the Dune Buggy. This is because of its huge wheels. Very slow acceleration, much like the Lamborghini's.
Up to 4 people can ride in the back and use items from their hotbar. This vehicle's huge hitbox can provide an easy target for opponents.
The tall height allows an easy Train Heist. Doesn't fit very well in small places like the garage.
Produces very good handling when drifting. Slow in both speed and acceleration.
(For criminals,) The height makes it harder for cops to eject drivers/passengers from it, and it's even harder with high suspension. Like many other vehicles, it spawns in only one location.
It is possible to climb any mountain and/or building by spamming "W" (to go forward) and "V" (to change the vehicle to ground level or flip vehicle). This is best to get out of the enemy pursuit range. However, it may take a long time since it takes time to climb. (If you are a criminal).

The very slow acceleration can allow cops to try to eject you easier.

Because of the 4 open-air passenger seats, a lot of gunners can shoot, making cops and criminals able to dominate pursuits by popping tires and firing at each other. The height may make it harder to get in.
Can avoid collisions by running over cars. Can glitch out of the map in laggy servers due to older computers, and mobile devices.
Produces very good handling when drifting. If players in the tray shoot too many shotgun bullets near the truck, it can pop the tires. This glitch has still not been fixed.
Handles extremely well with Rocket Fuel. Passengers in the back of the truck are exposed to gunfire.



  • Both the most expensive and least expensive cars which cost money are trucks (being the Monster Truck and Pickup Truck, respectively). This is also made more intriguing by the fact that both of them allow passengers to ride with the driver, with 2 seats available for the Pickup and 4 for the Monster Truck.
  • The wheels are around the height of a ROBLOX avatar using 100% height.
  • While the Monster Truck has the second-highest seating capacity (6), its $1M companion, the Volt Bike, has the lowest (1), and another of its $1M companions, the BlackHawk, has the highest seating capacity (8).
  • It is most effective when you take advantage of the rear seating by getting 4 teammates with weapons to sit in them, essentially meaning you're carrying a portable army around to help you against the enemy team.
  • The Monster Truck's wheels allow it the capability of running through any vehicle in the game, except for the Pickup Truck, other Monster Trucks, SWAT Vans, and Helicopters.
  • This is the first vehicle that has been set at a price of $1,000,000 in Jailbreak. Most people never thought that that was ever possible.
  • This vehicle can go up hills, but the Dune Buggy beats it in acceleration.
  • The Monster Truck used to have blade rims as the stock rims in the first few hours it was released. Now, though; its stock rim is the money rim.
  • In the Winter Update, when asimo3089 revealed a photo of a new feature; the Monster Truck had invisible rims.
  • When the Monster Truck was first released, it only had 2 seats; but in the Fall Update of 2017, 4 more seats were added.