Jailbreak's map has a large amount of locations to explore. It's best to have an aerial vehicle so that you can roam around the map easier. There are just so many locations in this open world game, and it might take a few minutes to a couple of hours to explore and find everything. There's also a wide variety of Easter Eggs, so you'll need to have a good eye to find them. Some are in plain sight, while others are tucked away.

Location Description
Prison The Prison is a large location in Jailbreak where the Prisoners spawn and escape from. The compound itself is surrounded by a barbed-wire fence in the front and a large brick wall around the sides. Police Station 1 and the Security Office are also part of the Prison.
Security Office A minor location located in the Prison cell area below the actual Prison. Police spawn here at night.
Police Station 1 Located at the front of the Prison next to the courtyard (yard) path. Police spawn here and make it difficult to escape.
Police Station 2 A rather small location, located just across the bridge in the center of the City it is roughly equal in size to the one in the Prison but has a garage in half the building.
Mysterious Opening A mysterious tunnel that was boarded up appeared near the Museum. At first you couldn’t go into it, but after a miscellaneous update a few days later you could only a little bit. The tunnel is blocked at the end and you can’t go through it.
Criminal Bases There are two bases:

The Volcano Base is located past the Town. This serves as the main base of operations for criminals. You can turn in Museum and Jewelry Store robberies. It has an armory, a Lamborghini and the BOSS Gamepass

The City Base is located near Train Tunnel 2 (south side of the City). It serves as a holdout and turn in point for a successful robbery of the Jewelry Store. It has an armory and the BOSS Gamepass items.

City Located down the main highway near the Prison. The City is where many different cars spawn. The City also hosts many places such as Apartments and the Garage. You can find the main robbing hotspots also such as the Jewelry Store and the Bank. Close by you can also find the Museum.
Town A small town just east of the Prison, right after the tunnel. The town booms with commercial buildings such as the Donut Shop, Gun Shop 1, the Glider Store, Gas Station 2 and the 1M Dealership.
1M Dealership Located in the Town; the dealership sells the Monster Truck, BlackHawk and the Volt Bike, the three most expensive vehicles in the game.
Jewelry Store Located in the City, criminals can start a robbery by standing on of the Xs while the jewelry store is open. The jewelry store only serves as a robbery location and has no other use.
Bank Located in the City, criminals with a keycards can open the security door to start a robbery. The bank only serves as a robbery location and has no other use.
Museum Located outside the City, the Museum requires two criminals to begin a robbery. Being the biggest payout location to rob in Jailbreak, this is where you will commonly see other players waiting for it to open.
Donut Shop Found in the Town, the donut shop is one of the two minor robberies available in Jailbreak. Once you walk inside you will receive a donut.
Garage Found near the Hospital. There are 3 garage doors to customize your vehicle. You can unlock vehicle modifications by opening safes or paying for them with Cash.
Garage 2 The second Garage in the map. There is 1 garage door to customize your vehicle. It can be found in the Town. Helicopters cannot use this garage.
Train Station 1 Jailbreak's largest train station, the Train however does not run through this station.
Train Station 2 A minor location located near the train crossing at the Gas Station. The train actively runs through this station.
Train Tunnel 1 Near Train Station 1, this place is where the Train either enters from.
Train Tunnel 2 Located next to the city, this tunnel is where the train passes through to get to Train Tunnel 3.
Train Tunnel 3 This is where the Train exits the map.
Apartments Found around the City. Prices of apartments range from $2,000/in-game day to $10,000/in-game day.
Gas Station Located south of the Prison and on the west side of the map in the open plains, the Gas Station is one of the two minor robbery locations. It also serves as a spawn location for the Pickup Truck.
Gas Station 2 Located in the Town. It serves as a place to buy or refill your rocket fuel.
Gun Shop 1 Gun Shop 1 is located in the Town. It’s right by the Glider Store and Donut Shop. You can grab/purchase weapons and/or test your aim in the Range in the back room.
Gun Shop 2 Gun Shop 2 is located in the City. Like Gun Shop 1, you can grab/purchase weapons here. Instead of a range, there are two targets on the wall where you can test your aim.
Fire Station The fire station is outside of the City near the City Criminal Base. It serves no purpose.
Hospital The Hospital is a new building added in the 2B Update. It has no interior and only serves as a spawn location for the Ambulance.
Glider Store Located between the Donut Shop and Gun Shop 1, you can pick up a Free glider, incase you ever jump from a high place and want to fall in style.
Sewers Found under the Prison. They serve as an escape route.
Radio Tower Located behind the Museum, you can find a Flashlight at the bottom and a pair of Binoculars at the top. It serves no purpose.
Radio Array Located next to Gun Shop 2. They serves no purpose.
Wind Turbines Found between the Town and the Prison. They serve no purpose
Water Tower Near the Volcano Criminal Base, the water tower stands on the other side of the river. It serves no purpose.
Soccer (Football) Net Located directly on the left side of the Museum players who successfully manage to move the Giant Soccer ball into it, will reward the whole server with Dual Flags Spoiler
Museum Gate Control Booth A minor location located in at the front of the Museum. It serves no purpose.
Desert/Dunes A desert filled with sand dunes. Located in between Train Station 1, the City and the Volcano Criminal Base. The Dune Buggy and Dirtbike can be found here.
Meteor The Meteor is located behind the Garage 2. Originally a small meteor, it developed into an event and eventually the spawn for the UFO.
Trees When Jailbreak came out, trees were one of the first things to be in Jailbreak. To a orange color to snow being on them, trees are a very common thing to see in Jailbreak!
River The river is a location in Jailbreak, here since the start. Click the link on the left to read more about this location.

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