The Lasers are an obstacle in Jailbreak. The lasers are not found in any buildings other than the bank, jewelry store. This device is the most important way to make robbery progress harder. This is used in an obby-style case in which you need to jump, crawl, and dodge lasers. The water in the bank also kills you because of unavoidable exposure to lasers. The Jewelry Store has a special set of lasers, and thus needs to have a button clicked to reveal them. The Bank has lasers that take exactly 20 health, while the Jewelry Store's can take around 20, too. These play an important role in keeping people from robbing and keeping police from catching criminals.


  • The lasers usually change their color seasonally.
  • The Bank lasers can be accidentally be made contact with during explosions of the vault.
  • The Jewelry Store Laser Cutter, although not the same mechanic, is used to make a hole in the Jewelry Store wall.
  • The Jewelry Store lasers on the first floor can still hurt you even if you are outside of the Jewelry Store.
  • Sometimes, if you stand still on a laser, you will not take any damage.
  • Lasers are yellow during the fall-theme map.
  • Lasers are blue during the winter-theme map.
  • Lasers are red during the classic map.