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The Gun Shop 1 & The Shooting Range is a building found next to the Glider Store. It can be reached through the tunnel next to the Prison, and it is the first building on the left. Inside, the player can find the AK47, Shotgun, Rocket Launcher (along with corresponding ammo), and Grenades. Inside. The room on the left is a shooting range which contains several moving targets. In a nearby corner outside of the shop is the Mustang. There are multiple inaccessible weapons scattered on the wall behind the counter.


  • Shotgun, costs $1,000 (one time purchase)
  • AK47, costs $15,000 (one time purchase)
  • Grenade, costs $10,000 (not a one time purchase, comes in packs of 5)
  • Rockets, costs $10,000 (not a one time purchase, for the Rocket Launcher, comes in packs of 10)



  • Like with the Donut Shop, the area in which the Gun Shop 1 & The Shooting Range are was previously empty.
  • The Mustang spawns here.
  • The targets in the Gun Shop 1 & The Shooting Range can change in different updates, (e.g. snowmen in the Winter Update and a picture of Earth in the Alien Update).
  • Before the Surprise/Bonus Update, the top of shooting range used to be a Rifle.
  • Even though there used to be a Rifle on top of the Gun Shop, the Rifle doesn’t spawn in the Gun Shop.
  • In the updates leading up to the Alien Update, the targets were aliens, hinting that aliens were coming to invade.
  • A slight bit of the Shooting Range's sign pokes through the roof of the building.
  • Before the Weapons/Items Update, Gun Shop 1 was called the “Shooting Range(s)”.
  • After the Weapons/Items Update, the Gun Shop 1 & The Shooting Range received a new interior look and now sells the Shotgun, the AK47, the Rocket Launcher, Rocket Launcher ammo, and Grenades.
  • After the Weapons/Items Update, there is now another Gun Shop on the map, called Gun Shop 2.
  • In the target room, the targets move back and forth and side to side. They will push you if you stand in front of them.