The Ferrari was a car released on September 30th, 2017, along with the Mustang and Monster Truck. It costs $200,000, which is just double the price of the Lamborghini, and currently the 4th fastest car in the game before the Lamborghini. Many players say that the Lamborghini is better than the Ferrari due to the more expensive price and the remote spawn near the waterfall. However, the Ferrari is much easier to handle and has far better acceleration. Objectively speaking, this makes the Ferrari a more valuable asset than the Lamborghini, as scenarios where a Lamborghini will hit maximum speed while in a chase. The Ferrari is also the 5th most expensive car in the game, but regardless this car has a decent speed compared to the Bugatti considering its price.

Advantages Disadvantages
Has good handling. Quite expensive.
Faster than most vehicles in the game. Remote location spawn.
3rd fastest acceleration in the game, only behind the Mini-Cooper and Volt Bike. Slightly slower than the Lamborghini.
Highly acceleration focused, while also having average speed. Glitchy on low end devices and internet.
Good offroading with high suspension. Not the greatest backwards speed.
4th fastest vehicle in-game, behind the BlackHawk, Bugatti and Volt Bike. Bounces when you start lagging.
Completely outclasses the McLaren.



  • This car is based on the Ferrari 458 Italia in real-life.
  • Much like the Lamborghini, this is often bought by players who do not want to grind for the Bugatti.
  • This took the spawn of the Porsche in the waterfalls.
  • Currently, this car is glitchy as it may bounce around every time you enter it. You can change the car height to a high-level suspension to solve the problem a little bit. Changing its suspension level will not decrease its speed.
  • In a race (if both Ferrari and McLaren have a Level 5 Engine), the Ferrari will be a little bit faster than the McLaren, even though the McLaren costs more.