The Dune Buggy is located near the Sand Dunes, along with the Dirtbike. Look for the large arch in the hillside, this vehicle should spawn there. This competes with the Dirtbike and the ATV for being the fastest off-road vehicle in the game. This vehicle is challenging to find, because it only spawns in one specific location that is far away in one remote location. There are two passengers seats, one at the front, next to the driver seat, and one behind the driver and front passenger seat. Anyone in the passenger seats are able to fire guns at enemies and other vehicles.


The Dune Buggy has very fast acceleration and great turning speed, allowing it to have a easy time for it to change directions and back out of traps to escape pursuers. The car is one of the best for off-road driving. Handling can be tricky at times with a Level 5 engine.

This vehicle can climb rolling hills, sand dunes, steep slopes and other obstacles such as fences, tall slopes and mountains because the buggy's engine power isn't strong enough to push the vehicle, and the inclined terrain can get stuck between the front and back wheels.

Advantages Disadvantages
Climbs over most vehicles easily,thus making it easier to flee from cops. Very glitchy.
Great acceleration. Only found in a very remote location.
Good at off-roading. Takes much effort when driving into or out narrow objects,such as the Garage.
Relatively affordable for most players. Quite difficult to reverse and steer.
Faster when offroading. Can't fly with rocket fuel
Beats the Camaro, Pickup Truck, Mustang, Dirtbike, Mini-Cooper, and sometimes the Model3 in speed. You and your passengers can easily be shot in this vehicle.
Can run over small walls due to the Bune Buggys extremely good offroading like the Monster Truck. Its acceleration is way faster than the monster truck's, but slower in full speed.
Same reverse and forward speed like the dirtbike.
Faster with low suspension.
Heavily improved off-roading with high suspension.
3 Player seating.
Hard to be shot down.



  • Added during the June 17th Update which also included the implementation of the Donut Shop.
  • The Mesh for this vehicle is made by asimo3089 along with many other Items and Vehicles.
  • You cannot fly in the Dune Buggy with Rocket Fuel, much like the Dirtbike.
  • It uses the same sounds as the Dirtbike.
  • It has no steering wheel, but, for some reason, there used to be a steering animation.
  • Along with the Pickup Truck, Monster Truck, Porsche, SWAT Van, Helicopter, BlackHawk, UFO, and Dirtbike, the passengers can fire out of the car seats.
  • The Dune Buggy can go over any vehicle except for the Monster Truck and SWAT Van.
  • The Dune Buggy cannot go so fast with high suspension.
  • There is a glitch where the Dune Buggy randomly sinks into the ground like how the Dirtbike used to, making it easier for enemies to catch you.
  • The Dune Buggy was the only vehicle that could climb up mountains and such, until the Monster Truck was added, which then became the second best car that could climb up mountains and such.
  • When the Dune Buggy was first added, many people thought that it was an ATV, but the confusion ended shortly.
  • When the Dune Buggy is upgraded to level 5 engine, the speed will dramatically increase and can be faster than a level 1 Lamborghini.
  • Before the ATV was added in the Winter Update (the one located at train station), some players called this vehicle an ATV.
  • asimo3089 used to referenced to this as an ATV.