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The Sand Dunes, where the Dirtbike and Dune Buggy spawn.

The desert/dunes is a location near the Town, City, and river. If you leave the prison and go left while following the road that goes past the Donut Shop and the Town & over the bridge, you will arrive in this area. If you keep following the road, you will arrive at the city.


  • Three vehicles spawn here: the Dirtbike and Dune Buggy, and technically the Train.
  • The Train spawns near here.
  • Train Station 1, an archway, and the Radio Array is located in this biome.
  • In the Alien Update, the dunes turned purple and became craters. This change was reverted in the Back To Earth Update.
  • Most players use this area to ramp their vehicles across the map since the dunes make a great ramp. There are two actual ramps in the biome, too.