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Dropped cash

Cash is the in-game currency of Jailbreak. It is used for buying new vehicles, Vehicle Customizations and safes. You can also drop cash to donate to friends or bribe Police officers.

There are many ways to get cash.

Paychecks vary as a Prisoner or Criminal as the paycheck is based on your bounty. For Police their base pay is $500 or $600 if you own the VIP Gamepass.

If you complete the daily mission, you get $2,000 or $2,400 if you own the VIP Gamepass.

You can also pick up dropped Cash by other players. Whether it's to take a bribe as a cop, a friend hooking you up or just a random drop. Cash can be dropped by clicking the cash GUI on the left, which will open up and in the bottom right corner you can enter the amount you want to drop.

If a cop picks up money from a player, they have to wait 45 seconds before arresting that criminal or prisoner thus being bribed. The minimum amount of money you can give to other players is $200, while the maximum amount of money you can give to other players at once is $10,000. The maximum amount of money you can give DAILY is $50,000.

Cash How Much R$ (ROBUX) To Purchase
$1,000 99
$4,000 199
$8,000 399
$25,000 1,099
$100,000 4,299


  • Every time a VIP Jailbreak player makes money, they get 20% more (except when receiving donated cash from other players).
  • Rocket fuel can not be bought by Jailbreak cash. Only Robux can be used to purchase Rocket fuel.
  • Criminals can make up to 3 times more cash per robbery max if they own a bigger duffel bag.
  • Cash can be wiped if a Jailbreak player is caught cheating/exploiting.
  • In late November 2017, cash was on sale for a limited time for 20% off during Black Friday Week, if you wanted to buy cash with Robux.
  • Players receive half the cash the safes total costs if they open a safe with a car part they already own.
  • Cops receive an automatic 500 cash (600 VIP) for their daily paycheck unlike criminals only receiving 50 cash plus 5% of their bounty. Criminals can receive a maximum paycheck of 300 cash (360 VIP) if they have at least a 5,000 cash bounty.
  • You can only drop $10,000 every 5 minutes, and $50,000 per day.
  • Before the update that brough cash dropping was published in the game, asimo3089 denied that the cash model was indeed the one used in the game. This was later proven wrong.
  • Cash prices have fluctuated over time, by simply getting cheaper.
  • Some say the cash prices for Robux are too high for Robux. However, Badimo is slowly bringing the money prices down every few updates.