The Camaro is a common vehicle that spawns in five different locations: two police Camaros inside the Prison parking lot, outside the Prison, Police Station, and both Criminal Bases. It is faster than any player on foot but is slow in comparison to most other vehicles. It is driven by the majority of players, as it is accessible right outside of the Prison. Whilst being one of the slowest cars in the game, with engine upgrades it has decent speed and fair acceleration. With a Level 5 Engine, it is only one second slower than the Helicopter when used in a long distance race. It is also faster than the Dirtbike in a nine or more second race with both Level 1 Engines. As of the Winter Update, all Camaro cars spawn without a siren until a police officer enters the driver's seat.

Advantages Disadvantages
It is free. Not very fast.
Has extremely accessible spawn locations, placed in many places throughout the map. Hard to control on slow devices and/or internet.
Like all other vehicles, faster with lower suspensions and higher engine levels. Poor handling and low speed capabilities.
Better off-roading than any of the supercars, except for the Bugatti. Its slow acceleration can allow cops to eject you easier.
Higher Acceleration than Mustang. Having a slow reverse speed make it harder to escape cops.
This car never bounces, even if you have a slow PC.
Faster than the Classic Car and the Dirtbike in a long-distance race.



  • Before the update that added the Lamborghini, the Camaro used to spawn near the Bank.
  • This Camaro is based on a 5th generation Chevrolet Camaro Prototype V6.
  • This car is the one of the first cars to be added to Jailbreak, alongside the Model3.
  • The Camaro had a model change in later updates, like the Bugatti, Mini-Cooper, and Helicopter.
  • Blue Camaro vehicles fitted with police lights used to spawn at the police stations with sirens, but after the Winter Update they began spawning without the sirens.
  • The Camaro vehicles that spawn at the Police Stations always spawn in a specific color, like the SUV, SWAT Van, UFO, the BlackHawk, and the Helicopter.
  • The Camaro used to have two more spawn locations at the Volcano Criminal Base, but it was removed to make room for the Museum collectors and the BOSS attire.
  • Before the Lamborghini was added, the Camaro used to take the spawn.