The Cafeteria is a location in the Prison. This location doesn't have much of a purpose other than a spawn for prisoners. In the Cafeteria are tables and a counter top where prisoners supposedly grab their meal trays from. These 8 tables are hexagonal shaped and can sit 6 people per table. This is where prisoners will always spawn at Breakfast or Dinner time on the Prison Schedule. There is also a kitchen in the back which requires a keycard or cop to access. The kitchen can be used as an escape via a vent in there. On the table in the near right corner is also a meal tray, which changes sometimes during different seasons and/or updates.


Meal Tray


The meal tray in the 1B Visits Update.

In the near right corner table is a meal tray. Though it's not an Easter Egg it is well known as most players usually notice it as they spawn in the Cafeteria. Before the 1B Visits Update, the tray consist of eggs, a fork and a juice box. Though after the update, it now consists of broccoli, asparagus and a juice box. In the Alien Update, the broccoli turned purple.


There is a kitchen in the back of the Cafeteria. Though access requires a keycard or a police officer, it can be used as an escape to the roof which then leads to a rather large jump over to the perimeter walls of the Prison. This is the least used escape. See Escaping for more details on how to escape using the kitchen.

Storage Room

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 4.25.05 PM

The storage room, right beside the Cafeteria.

Contains 6 boxes and another door that leads behind the Main Building.


  • The meal tray received a slight change in the 1B Visits Update and another one in the Alien Update.
  • Prisoners spawn here during Breakfast and Dinner time.
  • The doors to the Cafeteria are always open, so a keycard is not required to enter.
  • It is unknown when the kitchen escape was added, as many ignored this place for awhile, but some believe it was in the game during the entirety of its existence.
  • In other related Roblox games like Prison Life or Redwood Prison, there are actual meal trays that prisoners can pickup and interact with. But there aren't any in Jailbreak.
  • Unlike Prison Life, there are two meals per day according to the Prison Schedule.
  • There is an exit in the kitchen of the Cafeteria that takes you to the Courtyard.