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The Bank is one of the robbing locations of Jailbreak. This location can be found in the City. The Lamborghini and Model3 spawn near this location, too. When Jailbreak came out, this was the only place to rob and included quite a few glitches, one of which made the bank un-robbable. Of course, most of these glitches are patched now, but some are actually still there to this day.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 4.30.08 PM

The interior of the Bank.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 1.23.06 AM

The metal door, one of the ways to enter and exit the Bank.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 9.31.01 PM

Another view of the Bank.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 4.09.15 PM

The basement of the Bank.

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 5.30.12 PM

The inside of the vault, where criminals collect their cash.

Screen Shot 2018-06-09 at 11.36.29 PM

The metal door, one of the escape routes in the Bank.

Advantages Disadvantages
Gives notifications when a cop enters the Bank. Requires keycard to rob.
Easy to rob. Anyone can come inside the Bank during a robbery, so cops can arrest or even bust a robbery easily (unless there are lots of criminals).
Has 3 escape routes. You have 1 minute to escape successfully when a criminal leaves the Bank. A timer will appear on your money GUI when that happens.
Fellow criminals can help you with the robbery, making it hard for cops to catch you. Can be hard to rob if a server has more than 6 cops in it.
Easier obstacles than the Jewelry Store. Might be hard to rob for inexperienced players.
Cops can't enter the Bank basement and vault if a robbery hasn't started. Gives a very mediocre amount of money. This robbable location gives the second least amount of money in-game. (Donut Store and Gas Station give the least amount of money).
Lasers don't do much damage. Takes lots of time to get the money, especially for players who own the Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass.

How to Rob the Bank

You must be a criminal in order to rob this location and it has to be open (the lights are on and the "Closed" sign is off).


To rob the bank, you need three crucial items, while a keycard is the most important.

  • A keycard. Required to access the Bank the proper way.
  • Weapons. Recommended, used to kill cops that attempt to arrest you in the Bank.
  • Donut. Recommended, but not required, used to heal health if you are on low health.
    Bank cops sign

    The " Police have entered the building!" notification.


    The Bank when the city was sinking in the 2B Visits update.


After you obtain a keycard, you can open the double doors and iron doors leading to the stairs or use a side door on the left side, then walk down the stairs to the vault.

Stealing The Money

In order to get to the vault, you must jump over and crawl under the lasers (which have different colors depending on the season), which if touched, will take away 1/5 of your health. You should also move sideways before crouching under a laser so that the lasers behind you do not hit your legs. If you are using a Rthro package, then you will take damage when crawling. Once you are in front of the vault, there will be dynamite placed on it automatically. Do not stand in front of the vault, because the blast will send you back into the lasers. If you lose your health, you can eat a donut.


Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 8.44.14 PM

The Bank before the 2B visits update.

There are three ways to escape:

First Escape: Main Door

The first way is to escape through the main door, this is the most challenging way as you have to avoid incoming cops walking through the door.

Second Escape: Side Door

The second way consists of walking through the side door; the side door leads to the alleyway making it a quite stealthy way to escape.

Third Escape: Metal Explosive Door

The third way, added in the 1B Visits Update, consists of going through the metal door directly in front of the lasers. The player must first place dynamite on the door, and then wait a little bit, and it will explode. The player will go through a narrow corridor to a ladder at the end. When they go up the ladder, a trapdoor opens, near the side entrance of the bank. Some players open it before they start robbing, and while they are robbing, the dynamite is placed and they can use it for a quick escape after they are done collecting cash. If you don't have a keycard, this is the recommended way to escape, but it will take some time. There is often cops near the metal door, and so a solution to this is to use an AK47, Rifle, or a shotgun to ricochet the bullets off the back wall, so the cops get hit by the multitude of bullets.

Ways To Get Arrested


You can get arrested with the normal "Handcuffs" method when a cop holding handcuffs presses "E" on you.

Bank Robbery Bust

This happens when a Police Officer walks into the vault. As a policeman or policewoman, this is very difficult to pull off, considering you must make it through the lasers and the criminals inside the vault will most likely shoot down any cop that they see. If a cop happens to make it into the vault, it'll say "[user(s)] got busted in a bank robbery." If any of the robbers had a bounty, right below it will say "[cop who busted robbery] collected [robber(s)]’s [bounty amount] bounty!". Two or more messages will appear if the robbers had different bounties. If none of the robbers had a bounty, you'll just get the normal arrest cash amount ($200 {$240 for VIP owners}) Criminals who robbed the bank but escaped before the cop busted the robbery will not be arrested. If you happen to be in a server with a cop that can exploit, do not rob the bank. They can easily bust your robbery, making it unfair for the robbing criminal. Some cops, however, wait until the vault explode (it creates a lag spike for criminals near the vault) and then rush the vault, arresting & getting the bounty of all criminals involved in the robbery.

Cash Earnings

If you successfully rob the Bank to the maximum amount of money, you should earn up to:

  • $1,000 (No Gamepass)
  • $3,000 (Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)
  • $1,200 (VIP Gamepass)
  • $3,600 (VIP Gamepass and Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass)

Tips And Tricks For Robbing The Bank

  • Try to open the metal explosive door before you rob because it provides a fast and easy escape from a bank robbery. However, the explosive door will close after 1 minute and it will have to be blown up again. Also, this escape can be used if no one in the robbery has a keycard.
  • It is highly recommended to bring donuts, weapons, and explosives to help defend and keep yourself alive in the bank.
  • It is highly recommended not to rob the bank solo unless there are no police in the server. Try to bring a group of criminals because they can help you shoot police inside the bank and decrease the chance of a bank bust.
  • Try throwing grenades and launching rockets to damage police who are camping the stairway. However, this method can very costly, considering that 5 grenades cost $10,000; and 10 rockets cost $10,000.
  • Good aim is necessary for taking out a cop trying to storm the vault. Bullets don't ricochet off the walls in the bank.
  • If a criminal with robbery money leaves the bank, gets arrested, or dies; the bank robbery one-minute timer will activate. This gives all the other robbers one-minute to exit the bank successfully with their robbery cash, or get kicked out if they don’t make it in time. Players who’ve already exited are not affected by the timer.
  • After all the criminals leave, or the bank robbery timer hits zero; all criminals and police will get teleported out of the Bank and criminals will lose robbery money if they have not collected it.
  • It is a good idea for a police officer to camp the stairway and the explosive metal escape door if they have low health, allowing criminals to not escape easily.
  • It is not a good idea to use a Rthro package when doing the bank laser obby because players will still take damage even if they crouch under the lower lasers that require the player to crouch. This is due to the Rthro frame having a bigger hitbox than the R15, thanks to their tall appearance.
  • Try waiting for the vault to explode if you are trying to bust a robbery because most criminals will receive a lag spike, which gives you more time to bust the robbery.
  • It is best to collect some money than no money. If you can not collect your money after the robbery ends (when the bank timer reaches 0), you will get teleported outside of the bank, without your money.


  • When a Bank robbery is over, criminals will always spawn on the right side of the Bank next to the side door, and police will spawn on the left.
  • Until February 28th, 2018, it was possible to glitch into the Bank without a keycard. It is likely that this glitch existed because of an attempt to fix the Penguin/Snow Gentleman glitch.
  • The Bank will close if all criminals get arrested, the robbery is busted, all criminals die, all criminals exit the bank while it is under robbery, or the bank timer runs out.
  • Most players who don't have Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass skip the bank because of how little money you get and the likeliness of a bank bust but players who don't have the Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass do not have to wait in the bank vault as long to fill their duffel bag.
  • In a minor update, a low fence in front of the double doors was added to prevent wide vehicles from entering. However, you can still fit a Dirtbike, a Volt Bike, and an ATV through the gap. Larger vehicles can use Rocket Fuel to ramp over the fence, too.
  • Later on, a very small invisible wall was added to further prevent vehicles inside the vault. This does not prevent bullets or rockets from entering the vault.
  • Lasers were colored orange during the fall season. Light blue during the winter season and purple during the alien event.
  • At the beginning of Jailbreak's existence, the bank had a glitch were when you entered the bank the robbery wouldn’t start. The glitch was fixed quickly.
  • Is not recommended to rob the Bank if there are more than 6 police officers in the server.
  • When robbing, you collect $33 at a time from the vault or $66/second. However, if you have the Bigger Duffel Bag Gamepass, it will slow down the rate at $2.5K.
  • If any criminal exit the bank if is many criminals rob a bank you need to quickly escape the bank in 1 minute. (Criminals that die does not count.)
  • Presumably added during the Sewer Escape Update, a small orange face appears in the bottom left corner of the "B" on the letters spelling "Bank" on the bank building. It has since been identified as a "Scoobis," a popular Roblox meme. Since the Weapons/Items Update, this Easter Egg has been removed.
  • Before the Sewer Escape Update, there used to be a glitch where you could enter the bank through the trapdoor. You would crawl on it, then jump while spamming the punch button. Then, the trapdoor would open, leading to the room normally accessible using the metal door. Go to the door and crawl again, you should be able climbing halfway up the door. Then, the prompt to place dynamite on the metal door should appear. Place the dynamite. After the metal door explodes and opens, go upstairs and start the robbery. Then, go back downstairs and do the normal procedure of robbing the Bank. Unfortunately, this glitch was patched after the Sewer Update.
  • When Jailbreak first came out, there were 2 big signs of the word "BANK", 1 on the front and 1 on the side. In a later update, the side one was removed. After the 2B Visits Update, the "BANK" was now above the main door. And another "BANK" was added to the back side of the bank.
  • The laser layout was changed during its existence, the first layout was a simple and easy layout and lasted until the Mini-Cooper was added. The next layout was a slightly harder layout that lasted until the Winter Update. The layout in the Winter Update is slightly easier. The next layout came in the Rocket Fuel Update, which made it a bit easier; until the September 4th, 2018 Update (after the Weapons/Items Update), which made the lasers more spread apart.
  • Before the Winter Update, the metal door you can blow up was not visible or operable.
  • Before the 1B Visits Update, the metal door you can blow using dynamite was not operable.
  • During the Winter Update, the floor under the lasers was only ice and water. This was changed in the Rocket Fuel Update to a patterned floor and water.
  • During the Winter Update, you could collect cash in the water near the vault. This was later patched.
  • During the Weapons/Items Update, the bank sign was updated to no longer be solid, instead, this was changed to a decal on the bank.
  • The bank wall was changed in a miscellaneous update to metal to prevent bullets from ricocheting.
  • The bank lasers were refreshed in a miscellaneous update shortly after the Weapons/Items update which added a laser and spread out the lasers.
  • Even after the Metal Explosive Door has exploded, there is still a broken 'e' circle that supposedly allows you to blow up the dynamite again. It's unknown if this is intentional or not.
  • The dynamite textures were changed on the Fall Update of 2018.
  • During the volcano eruption, only the top of the bank sank (the basement and door remained during it). This was made to prevent players that were currently robbing the bank to glitch out. This also prevented players from entering the bank while the “extra floors” were sinking.