The BOSS Gamepass is a gamepass that is very much like the SWAT Gamepass. It comes with an exclusive vehicle called the Wraith. The Wraith also includes a minigun on top. This gamepass only costs 300 Robux and you get all the items featured above, exclusive clothing and attire and notifications for when robberies open up. The clothing and attire can be accessed in any criminal base.


  • Players who own this gamepass have the ability to drive the exclusive Wraith car.
  • Players with this gamepass have access to a minigun on top of the Wraith.
  • They will also gain access to a pinstripe suit, sunglasses, a hooded cloak, and a bandana all exclusive to the BOSS Gamepass. Also they will have a M4A1 on the rack next to the clothes.
  • They will also receive in game notifications if a robbery location is open and ready to rob. This excludes the Gas Station and Donut Shop.
  • Once a BOSS Gamepass owner escapes prison, they will be in their normal clothes instead of a Prison Jumpsuit.


The majority of the players disliked the update cause of the time it took for the update, quickly realizing that the update only added a gamepass that others couldn't afford.

Others disliked the BOSS Gamepass and claimed it wasn't worth it for it's price, seeing as you only get exclusive clothing & a vehicle in game.

The minigun on the Wraith used be be accessible to any player (even without purchasing the BOSS Gamepass) on the initial release but 3 days latter, that feature was removed and you have to own the BOSS Gamepass to use the Wraith's minigun. This made players who did not own the BOSS Gamepass very upset due to the Wraith and SWAT Van receiving 1 less seat for those who do not own the gamepass.


  • This is the newest gamepass added to Jailbreak.
  • This gamepass is just like the SWAT Gamepass, but for criminals.
  • Previously, criminals who don't own this gamepass will not be able to fire the minigun even if someone is driving the wraith. It is confirmed by asimo3089 that the minigun would be available to everyone in a patch update, but you cannot drive the vehicle unless you have the gamepass.
  • For some reason, you will not get notifications for when the gas station and donut shop open up. Previously, you also wouldn’t get notifications for the museum. Later, Badimo fixed this issue, but there are still no notifications for the Gas Station and/or Donut Shop.
  • You can tell that players own the BOSS Gamepass if they just escape prison and the game automatically removes their jumpsuit. This means that criminals wearing a Prison Jumpsuit outside of the Prison obviously don't own the BOSS Gamepass. Although; if the player is laggy, and they experience the Prisoner Jumpsuit Glitch (unable to take it off), the jumpsuit will remain, however you can still throw on the BOSS Attire to show to others you have the BOSS Gamepass.
  • The description of the gamepass is, "Jailbreak’s first new Gamepass in over a year, the CRIME BOSS! As a crime boss you’ll receive special perks to help battle off the police team. Drive a unique Wraith super sedan with a minigun mounted on top! Gain access to a pinstripe suit with sunglasses, a hooded cloak, and bandana! Receive notifications when a new robbery opens! Plus your character will automatically change into normal clothing as soon as you escape the prison!"
  • Police can take the M4A1 from the Criminal Bases.