BOSS (Boss) Attire is worn by criminals that own the BOSS Gamepass. Though the clothes are optional and can be picked up at one of the Criminal Bases. Besides the clothing, players also get: a pair of sunglasses, a bandana and a small cape. The BOSS Gamepass costs R$ 300.


  • This outfit was added in the Weapons/Items Update, on 8/14/18.
  • It would be best to have a default look to wear the full outfit, as the outfits may glitch on certain avatars.
  • The sunglasses are the same as badcc's glasses on his avatar. badcc is the scripter, co-founder, and programmer of Jailbreak.
  • The cape comes from Maplestick1’s avatar, and is just retextured to be black. Maplestick1 is the designer of the vehicle textures, along with ruddev_luke.
  • asimo3089 wears the suit, tie, and pants. The clothing is not noticeable since asimo3089 is wearing an avatar package, which doesn’t show the clothing. asimo3089 is the builder and co-founder of Jailbreak.
  • Police cannot wear BOSS Attire, even if they try.