The ATV is a four-wheel vehicle that is in Jailbreak as part of the Winter Update. It handles all terrain very well and has decent handling. While this was the first vehicle to be leaked from the developers, it sparked controversy about its performance. This vehicle spawns at Train Station 2, which is down the road from the prison to the first gas station. This is also where you are teleported if you fail to leave the train before it enters the tunnel, allowing a quick way to drive back to wherever you want to go.

Advantages Disadvantages
Relatively cheap. Flings you away commonly, causing a death, or another problem. (This has been mostly fixed, but still happens on laggy devices/internet).
Spawns in a convenient location. Passengers cannot equip weapons.
Very fast with Level 5 engine while still maintaining its top-tier handling. With higher suspension, the center of gravity of the bike is high up, sometimes causing the ATV to fall over in sharp turns.
Can be a quick getaway from Police if you get teleported out of the Train. Players can easily be due shot due to no roof.



  • This was the first ever vehicle to be leaked from the developers for the Winter Update.
  • You can actually do a glitch with the ATV that makes you invisible while driving it, for more information see glitches.
  • Sometimes your character will appear short while driving an ATV, the same goes for the Volt Bike.
  • This vehicle received two seats on the same day that the dirtbike did.
  • The ATV can glitch for some players with low-end devices/internet, and sometimes any device/internet, resulting in them flying across the map for no reason.
  • The passenger of a dirtbike can shoot and use items while a passenger of an ATV cannot.
  • This can glitch and climb walls at times when driving backwards onto a wall or building, however, a level 5 engine is required.
  • Before the Wings/Spoilers Update, the ATV used to not glitch around every time you enter it. But after the update, the ATV used to glitch a lot when driving, meaning that you have to walk to the gas station for the other nearest vehicle. Badimo has made many attempts on fixing the ATV, but so far, no success. Asimo3089 has stated that in the following update, the ATV is going to be officially fixed.
  • Still the ATV has no true fix as it still glitches around commonly.