The AK47 is an automatic assault rifle in Jailbreak. It contains 30 rounds per magazine and has a fairly good damage output at 7 HP per hit, which means it requires 15 bullets to kill an enemy. The AK47 is great for tire popping, supporting fellow team members in a fight, but it's may be harder to hit targets and shooting down helicopters due to its low velocity and inaccuracy. It is often confused with the paywall-locked Rifle since they have similar sounds, mechanic, and appearances.


The AK47 can only be obtained in Gun Shop 1 & Gun Shop 2 at the counter.

Advantages Disadvantages
Automatic and fires at a rate of 700 rounds per minute. Spread is larger and accuracy is worse than the Rifle.
Has 30 Rounds (Most in the game). Slower velocity than the Rifle.
Useful in medium and close-range combat. Slightly slower fire rate than the Rifle.
More base damage than Rifle.


  • The AK47 was added on June 24th, 2017.
  • The AK47’s name in-game is AK47, without the hyphen.
  • This used to have 14 rounds only, but it was later on buffed to 30, due to several requests and lack of damage.
  • Unlike the Shotgun and Pistol, this weapon is not available at the two police stations or criminal bases. You can only find this at the Gun Shops.
  • The AK47 in-game doesn't have a muzzle on the barrel.
  • Before the Weapons Update, the AK47 used to be the weakest weapon in the game dealing a measly 2 damage.
  • In the Weapons/Items Update, the AK47 received a damage buff, from 2 damage to 7 damage.
  • The AK47 closely resembles the StG-44 (Sturmgewehr 44) and was used by Nazi Germany [1933-1945] during WW2 (World War 2) [1939-1945].
  • In the Fall (2018) Update, the AK47 had a significant damage buff from 7 to 9 damage.
  • In the 10/3/18 Miscellaneous Update, the AK47 had a damage nerf that changed the damage back from 9 to 7, due to the weapon being overpowered.
  • This weapon was originally $20,000 in-game cash in the Weapons/Items Update, but was changed to $15,000 in-game cash after a miscellaneous update the next day. Anybody who bought the AK47 when it was $20,000 in-game cash were issued $5,000 in-game cash refunds.