The 1M Dealership (also called the Dealership or the (One Million Dollar Dealership) is a somewhat small building with large glass windows, a half-opened garage door, two opened garage doors, two regular doors and a large "1M" sign on the front with the left part of the M being the number 1. Currently, the 1M Dealership houses three vehicles. The Monster Truck, the BlackHawk and the Volt Bike.



  • This location was added in the 9/30/17 Update, the first update since the Official Release of the game.
  • asimo3089 has confirmed that all vehicles in this dealership will always cost $1,000,000 of in-game currency, not a dollar more or less.
  • More vehicles are expected to be added here, as there are other gaps/garage spaces that vehicles could fit inside.
  • Not all vehicles inside the 1M Dealership go very fast, some are just very unique; take for example the Monster Truck which is the tallest land vehicle in the game thanks to its huge wheels, and also the 2nd highest capacity vehicle at 6 seats, only beaten by the BlackHawk with 8 seats (9 if you include the rope).
  • If you get on top of the Monster Truck, you are then able to jump onto the beams hanging from the ceiling, which makes for a good spot for hiding from enemies.
  • This location can make a good hiding spot for AFK players because most players do not have the $1M vehicles and don't bother walking in.
  • The location used to have grey roof color and had a white roof color during its first hours of its release.
  • The Monster Truck was added here along with the 1M Dealership in the Monster Truck Update, along with the Mustang and Ferrari.
  • The Volt Bike was added in the 1M Dealership in the Winter Update, along with the McLaren and ATV.
  • The BlackHawk was added in the 1M Dealership in the 1 Year Update.
  • Ironically, all the vehicles in the 1M Dealership are criticized for being expensive.